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Scythe Matters - AFR Voice Ep.37

Well, it’s been an interesting Easter weekend for David Moyes. First he was stared down by the Grim Reaper at Goodison Park, and now his sacking is confirmed. We’ll be taking a look at what’s gone wrong for the Scotsman, and who the Red Devils can turn to next.

Elsewhere in England, it’s been a big weekend for the Liverpool winning machine which took another big step towards the title, beating Norwich as Chelsea lost a home league game under Jose Mourinho for the first time in 77 games. But what will the ramifications of that result be at both the top and bottom of the table?

Then it’s off to the Continent where Chelsea will have to forget about the weekend very quickly, as they take on Atletico Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals. We’ll be previewing this game, as well as another huge one across town when Real Madrid take on Bayern Munich in the other last four tie a day later. Strap yourselves in: it’s definitely business time.

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The Beautiful Game in Brasil: Photography by Christopher Pillitz

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There’s hope for the rest of us! Even Jedi Masters flub their lines…

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Using only a black fineliner and a triangulation technique, Josh Bryan creates unique, hand drawn portraits of famous celebrities. The abstract geometric patterns creates volume, lights, shadows, and tones that gives his portraits a powerful look.

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A Captain’s salute.

Derek Jeter has been an extraordinary player and a heroe for all the yankees fan


A Captain’s salute.

Derek Jeter has been an extraordinary player and a heroe for all the yankees fan

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I still believe in heroes.

Best Avengers GIF set ever!

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Reimagining the World Cup, by James Taylor

The World Cup is quickly approaching, with kick-off in Rio de Janerio less than one hundred days away. That said, there’s still plenty of time to remember and admire the past. In a poster series commemorating previous World Cups, Manhattan-based graphic designer, James Taylor, reimagined posters for each tournament, using era-specific design principles to illustrate the unique style of each World Cup. You can find the whole collection on Pennarello Design[Posted by Maxi

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Walk off

Zoolander VS Hansel

hahahahhahahahhaha absolutely Hilarious

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